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B323 extras

A reminder of the original. B323
Photograph from the 1969 Orangerie exhibition catalogue.
Not sure where I found the second, but CR attributes it (and, presumably, the one above) to Fritz Glarner, taken in early 1943 in Mondrian's 353 East 52nd Street studio.
mote PMs waist
This is, apparently, from MMe Tussauds in Amsterdam, found in Flickr.
Andrew Findlay 
In the Mind of Mondrian 

The artist provides a full explanation of both the thought-process behind the work and the practical aspects of realising it here.
Andrew Findlay
James Dean
Pete Mondrian

Pete takes in the Broadway Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian. One of the Pete the Cat series by Mr. Dean. Great attention to detail on the B323 copy. There are many other fine Pete homages on the site.
Pete Cat
Larry Rivers
Art and the Artist: Mondrian

One of a series of homages, exhibited at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery.
Larry Rivers
Philip Gladstone
Picasso to Mondrian's Rescue

found on ebay.
Dean Yeagle

One of a long series featuring Mandy in a variety of poses. My previous link to his site is now dead.