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Cat B242
Other S533, O415, B-
BMI 0100
Title Composition with Double Lines and Yellow
Date 1934
Format Oil on canvas
Size (h,w) not known
Location lost
Owners 1934 Emil Friedrich and Clara Friedrich-Jezler (Zürich); lost.
Credits The image of the painting is a reconstruction.
The photograph is of Mondrian in 1933 with B241 and B242 in his studio at rue du Départ, Paris.
The third image is the cover of the 1964 edition of the Haags Gemeentemuseum catalogue of their Mondrian collection. Interestingly, they have got the colour of B241 right (they should, as they own it) but have chosen to colour B242 red.
Notes B242 was "probably burnt in transportation by car during World War II". (CR vol.II p370) 
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B242 Composition with Double Lines and Yellow
Mondrian, B241 and B242
Haags Gemeentemuseum catalogue