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B217 homages

These images have been accumulated since around 2002. Because of the increasing image size standard and decreasing image storage costs over that time, there is a wide variation in the quality of the images. Clicking on some, not all, leads to a larfger version.

A reminder of the original.
One of mine, from around 2002.
[added 4th November 2001] Kompozicija II, 1995. Piet Mondrian, Zoran Naskovski,Bata Krgovic.

This image presumably came into being in 1995. It was found in 2001 and then came and went at various web addresses for ten years.

Found again April 2017.

In 2012 the contents were copied to prevent premanent loss and they are now here.
Kompozicija II
[added 24th July 2002] Alexei Sayle

Just found on one of Alexei Sayle's BBC Series. The sketch explores the assertion that everyone's first job is (and I quote) "shite". He covers Malcolm X, Joyce, Ghandi and PM:

'The minimalist painter Piet Mondrian was a highly unsuccessful court artist for German television. This picture is entitled Scuffle breaks out between prosecuting counsel and defendant.' 
[added Nov 2011] An advertisement for the Investors' Chronicle in The Spectator. Tinkered with and inverted, but still B217.
[added Dec 2011] from a long and frequently brilliant series of remakes on booooooom, the suitcase remake is by Katie Jackson.
[added Jan 2012] from the book Tidying Up Art by Ursus Wehrli. This is out of print and is set at silly prices on second-hand sites (e.g. £160 even from Oxfam). I don't believe anyone has ever paid more than £10 for it, but once one seller generates a random number, the others seem to follow suit. There is a German edition, Kunst aufräumen, which is sensibly-priced and might have the same contents, so I'll buy one of those and see. 
Now arrived, it's a great book, containing the Mondrian and several other splendid works.
[added Jun 2012] Heidi Mulder's Mondrian Nude 1, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, 100cmx100cm.

From the artist, "The painting shows an interaction with Piet Mondrian's work. Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow. The artwork derives from chaos and a lack of order in my own mind and external life resulting in a need to pare back and simplify my world and to become more spiritually connected. Emotion-based watery lines unlike Mondrian's more controlled technique now have been overlapped with an organic, feminine self-portrait."