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Cat B176
Other S486, O364, B-
BMI 0000
Title Tableau No.1: Lozenge with Four Lines and Grey
Date 1926
Format Oil on canvas
Size (h,w) Diagonals 113.7x111.8cm, sides 80x80.4cm
Signed Signed lower left in red on black line: PM '26
Location MoMA, New York, Katherine S. Dreier bequest
Owners 1926 consigned to Katherine S. Dreier (NY); 1953 owned by KSD; 1953 MoMA, bequest of KSD.
Notes The installation photograph from CR shows B176 viewed through Duchamp's Large Glass at the Internation Art Exhibition, Brooklyn, November 1926. Works by Domela and L├ęger are also visible. Photographer not specified.
There is a 1936 installation shot of B176 with B306(B257) and a recent MoMA installation photograph by Maarten Schurink from Flickr, shown with B132.
US © n/a

B176 Tableau No.1: Lozenge with Four Lines and Grey
Installation, 1936