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Cat B165
Other S482, O357, B-
BMI 0110
Title Tableau No.I: Lozenge with Three Lines and Blue, Grey and Yellow
Date 1925
Format Oil on canvas
Size (h,w) diagonal 112cm, sides 80x80cm
Signed lower centre in black on grey: P M | 25
Location Kunsthaus, Zürich, gift of the Vereinigung Zürcher Kunstfreunde
Owners 1926 Friedrich Bienert (Dresden), through Sophie Küppers; 1950 Galerie Rudolf Springer (Berlin); ? Jon N Streep (Amsterdam / NY); ? EV Thaw (NY); 1955 Sidney Janis Gallery; 1956 Kunsthaus, Zürich.
Notes The photograph, from Bois et al, shows B165 in the studio of Gret Palucca, Dresden. A 1926 letter from Mondrian to Oud is quoted in which he says, 'The work was sold to a danseuse who apparently has a white dance studio, and they wrote to me that now my canvas is hanging there as a point of rest when the danseuse takes a rest'.
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B165 Tableau No.I
B165 in the studio of Gret Palucca, Dresden