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Cat B149
Other S(655), O-, B-
BMI 1111
Title B149 "Komposition mit Gelb, Zinnober, Schwarz, Blau und verschiedenen grauen und weissen Tönen"
(Composition with Yellow, Cinnabar, Black, Blue and Various Grey and White Tones)
Date 1922
Format Oil on canvas
Size (h,w) 83.7 x 50.2 cm
Signed lower centre: PM 23
Location Whereabouts unknown. This picture was in the Hannover Provinzialmuseum, but was confiscated by the Nazi authorities in 1937, presumably in their cull of 'decadent' art. 
Owners 1924 consigned to Sophie Küppers (Hannover); 1924 Hannover Provinzialmuseum; 1937 confiscated.
Credits The second photograph (c. May 1923) shows Mondrian and Nellie van Doesburg with B149 behind and B146 on the floor.
Notes The painting has been reconstructed.
The Hannover Museum has also reconstructed the entire Cabinet of Abstraction exhibition (link here) and their version of B149 reverses the blue and red, though we agree on the yellow.
US © 2019 - it is curious that a painting that does not exist other than in 70-year old black and white photographs can still be subject to copyright restricions. Nick B. July 2017.

B149 source
B149 source
B149 facsimile
My B149 reconstruction
B149 Hannover
Hannover's B149 reconstruction
Mondrian and Nellie van Doesburg with B149 and B146