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Tableau No.VI with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1925

Another of the works consigned to Sophie Küppers in Hanover and Dresden in the 1920s, she passed this one on to the Kunstausstellung Kühl, Dresden.

There is no available image of this painting, only the sketch, fig. 1, from B332, see B161.

fig. 1

B158 has measurements in the Catalogue, 44x54 cm.  Regarding the thickness of the black lines, these have been made consistent with B161, fig. 2: although you would not guess that from the sketch, it is a fair assumption that the same can be applied to B158.

My B158
fig. 2

Having deciphered the colour coding On B161 with the help of Carmean, B158 and B164 should be straightforward, Fig.3.

My B158 in colour
fig. 3

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