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Tableau No.IX with Blue, Red and Yellow, 1925

One of the works consigned to Sophie Kuppers in Hanover and Dresden, it was sold (?) in 1925 to Ida Bienert, who commissioned B167. The German Wikipedia page on Ida Bienert states that her collection was preserved during the war.

This was the first reconstruction attempted as it was a relatively simple design with the maximum information available.

The Catalogue offers two illustrations, a black and white photograph from De Stijl (fig. 1) and a sketch from one of Mondrian's notebooks indicating the colours used (fig. 2)

B161 De Stijl
fig. 1 De Stijl
B161 sketch
fig. 2 sketch

The whole page from the sketchbook is listed in the Catalogue as B332, Sketchbook 1925, Sheet H: Dresden Notes.

Carmean interprets the symbols used:

  • H for haut, top
  • bas, bottom
  • R or rouge for red, but note that Mondrian's "R" is rather like an inverted "S", as in fig. 2
  • Bl denotes blue but bl is blanc, white.
  • Gr for gris, grey
  • J for jaune, yellow
fig. 3 B332

The design is clear from the photograph.

fig. 4

And the colours are clear from the sketch.

My B161
fig. 5 B161 reconstruction

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