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B169, B179, B245, B247

These require no effort on my part.

B169 Komposition I: Lozenge with Three Lines, 1926

Carmean (Mondrian Diamond Compositions) takes the view that Mondrian recycled B169 (fig. 1) as B173 (fig. 2).

Not all commentators agree with this, for example Bois et al. (p.93) concludes that is was sent to Germany in 1926 and lost. If that is correct, then reconstruction would not be difficult as there is no mentions of colour in the title.

The Catalogue is silent on the matter but it does quote different dimensions for the two paintings.

fig. 1 B169, 1931
fig. 2 B173

B179 Cover Design for Polish translation of "Le Néo-Plasticisme", 1926

There are no known images of this work and no sign of the book itself. Fig. 3 shows a 192 French edition with no sign of Mondrian having influenced the cover.

Neo Plasticisme cover
fig. 3

B245 Composition No. II, 1934 / Composition (Blanc et Rouge), 1936

This was bought in 1958, in New York by Paul Bittencourt of São Paulo and subsequently destroyed in a fire. A rather poor representation of the painting (fig. 4) was shown in a Life Magazine article in July 1945, further details here.

fig. 4

B247 Composition with Double Line (unfinished), 1934

This work, only known from the photograph taken in Mondrian's studio (fig. 5) is in such an early state that it is not worth recreating.

This is still worth finding, though, because a mere preparetory sketch of Broadway Boogie Woogie, one of two that Mondrian had given to photographer Arnold Newman (fig. 6) sold for $3.2 million in 2006.

fig. 5
fig. 6, B367

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