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"Komposition mit Gelb, Zinnober, Schwarz, Blau und verschiedenen grauen und weissen Tönen" 
(Composition with Yellow, Cinnabar, Black, Blue and Various Grey and White Tones), 1922

Whereabouts unknown. This picture was in the Hannover Provinzialmuseum, but was confiscated by the Nazi authorities in 1937 in their cull of 'decadent' art.

The first photograph shows B149 at Entartete Kunst in 1937.

B149 Entartete Kunst
fig 1 Entartete Kunst, Munich, 1937

The second (from Blotkamp) is from a 1926 exhibition exhibition at the Landesmuseum, Hanover which also included B174. B174 is also missing and so that does not help.

B149 Ex2
fig 2 Landesmuseum, Hanover, 1926

The third photograph is the illustration shown in the Catalogue and attributed to Antiquariaat Schumacher.

B149 De Stijl
fig 3 Antiquariaat Schumacher

The fourth is from De Stijl magazine (vol.2 p.395 of the 1968 reprint), showing Mondrian with B149.

PM with B149
fig 4 De Stijl

The fifth is a fuller version of the De Stijl photograph which includes Nelly van Doesburg and also what I believe to be B146.

PM NvD and B149
fig 5 with Nelly van Doesburg

B146 does not offer much in the way of help with colours, as its area of black seems to match two areas of colour in B149 and not the area I think should be black.


B150 might be more useful in suggesting what might be happening on the upper right of B149 with a small area of yellow enclosed by black.


If the yellow and black is decided, that just leaves the blue and red (or cinnabar) to allocate. I have opted for:

My B149
my B149
As noted on the B149 detail page, Hanover has also recreated B149 as part of the 1926 Cabinet of Abstraction and they disagree on the blue and red.
Hanover B149
Hanover's B149

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