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Composition with Double Lines and Yellow, 1934

Originally owned by Emil and Clara Friedrich-Jezler, Z├╝rich, it was "probably burnt in transportation by car during World War II". (CR vol.II p370)

Perhaps the easiest of all the reconstructions, B242 was photographed with B241 (above) and Mondrian at 26 rue du Départ.

PM with B241 and B242
fig. 1 PM with B241 and B242

The title, Composition with Double Lines and Yellow, tells us the colour and the extimated size of 75x100m derives from B241 which has a diagonal of 113cm.

B242 reconstruction
fig. 2 B242 reconstruction

It is curious that when the Haags Gemeentemuseum used the photograph for the 1964 catalogue of their Mondrian collection, they chose to colour B242 red, fig 3.

B242 Hague
fig. 3 1962 catalogue

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