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Composition, 1926(?)

This work is only known from an Andre Kertesz photograph of Mondrian's studio at 26 rue du Départ, fig. 1 detail.

fig. 1 B175

It was photographed next to B178, a 1926 stage set model, fig. 2. Although the model was destroyed some time after 1934, it has been photographed with extant works and has been recreated by others, fig. 3.

B175 Depart
fig. 2 B178 & B175
fig. 3 B178 reconstruction

If the B178 reconstruction is correct, it is thought that the area of colour in B175 is likely to be red, fig.4.

The size of B178 is estimated to be 36.5x39cm.

B175 reconstruction
Fig. 4 B175 reconstuction

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