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Five Easy Pieces Page 1

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Komposition III, 1926

Sent to Kunstausstellung Kühl, Dresden in 1926 with 7 or 8 other paintings.

B171 was exhibited at Kunstausstellung Kühl, where the installation photograph (fig. 1) was taken, and later at Mannheim and Frakfurt.

The photograph also shows B154.

Dresden 26
fig.1, 1926
fig. 2 detail

Fig. 3 shows the installation with perspective corrected.

B154 and B171
fig.3 perspective corrected

B154 (fig. 4) is used to try and make sense of the shades of grey.

fig 4. B154

B171 has been 'squared' as its dimensions are known to be 50x50cm.

The upper right corner is thought to be blue. The dark smudge bottom left, only noticed at this stage could be black and the middle section at the bottom yellow.

B171 squared
fig. 5 'squared'
B171 reconstruction
fig. 6 reconstruction

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