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As noted on the credits page, my three SEO sources are:

Google Analytics, HubSpot and Williams' SEO2017.

A few caveats: (1) I'm not selling anything and so that makes the site unusual and a lot of the advice given irrelevant. (2) I'm not overly concerned about being no.1 on Gooogle, I write these sites out of personal interest, but if internet users are seeking information on the topics I cover, then I would like them to be made aware of my content. I would like to be a lucky find.

SEO notions:

SEO Blog

Date Progress
21st July 2017 SEO
21st July 2017 Google Analytics had already been set up. Google Adsense running too. I would like a friendlier hits tracker - trying Revolvermaps. Google Webmaster Tools - made a start.
21st July 2017 Generation of sitemap in progress using ✓ completed 22nd July with 447 pages, having cleared a lot of dead links in the legacy pages.
21st July 2017 The pages intended for the initial launch of the site have been completed and so now is the time to add a few SEO bits to monitor activity.