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Kompozicija II

This image was on the original homages page for years, but kept disappearing then popping up somewhere else. It is too good to lose, so I'll keep a copy here unless and until the owner asks me not to.

The January 2012 link is now dead. Here's the current one (April 2017) which is in English,


I think these are the times of nonsense i.e. there is a skidding of sense. The silliest seem those who try to comprehend what's going on, most notably theoreticians and philosophers.

They make big mistakes, because this is a total crash, a bursting in all directions.

Just when you think you made sense out of it, a new thing happens.

In the course of events as they've been so far, I don't recognize myself either at the Square or on the bridge.

I am a great fan of Ceca Velickovic. I recorded her concert and that was brilliant. I consider her our greatest artist, because every song she makes is a hit.

Happenings on the bridge I take phenomenologically.
What I liked most was The Twins; they put the greatest camp show I've seen in the last couple of years. Though I am their fan, I don't think The Cramps could possess the power The Twins had on the bridge.

I think the year 2000 will mark the beginning of a peaceful period once again; we'll see the advent of a state of bandaging.

Now everything's in disarray.

Many people I talked to - the ones who could leave - said they won't be leaving `cos this was the hottest place on earth.

What I say is not a matter of opinion, it`s a matter of observation. People are not afraid and want to be at the centre of events.

The country affords a view of the demise of civilization.

The thing is that, apparently, good intentions do not exist.
On neither side.

Even when the steps in the right direction are taken, simultaneously, the opposite side makes a move to counteract it.

Many people say it's gonna end, but I don't think so.

I think these are the times of force.
The peak of the rule of force.

The grant for the project had been received and the project has to be carried through to the end; that's why I'm afraid it's gonna take long until the things unfold.

If good intentions existed, the whole thing could have been put ad acta as soon as today, a negotiating process could have been undertaken and everything resolved in five-six days. I think the wish that everything stopped, at least on our part, exists. Who knows after how many years are we going to find out what was behind this all? This may sound cruel, but I think this is a huge purgatory.

Do you remember what the situation was like in Belgrade before?
An unspeakable apathy. Already at 8-9 p.m. people were dejected. There might have been a personal content, but what prevailed was general dissatisfaction. This was like a falling ax. Unfortunately, there are too many casualties. The country is destroyed.

I hope this will put an end to everything. We have to get out of this. The circle will be circumscribed outside just as it was circumscribed inside. After that, soberness has to emerge.

Here are the contents of the original page,

Mislim da je sad vreme nekog besmisla, odnosno, dolazi do isklizavanja smisla. Najsmešnije mi deluju oni koji pokušavaju da shvate ovo što se danas dešava, pre svega teoretičari i filozofi. 

Prave velike greške, jer ovo je totalni kreš, rasprskavanje na sve strane.

Jer, taman kad pomisliš da si uhvatio smisao, desi se nešto novo.

U ovim dosadadšnjim situacijama, sebe ne vidim ni na Trgu ni na mostu.

Ja sam veliki fan Cece Veličković. Snimao sam njen koncert i to mi je bilo brilijantno. Smatram da je naša najveća umetnica, jer je svaka njena pesma hit.

Dešavanje na mostu, posmatram fenomenološki.

Ono što mi se svidelo je grupa Twins, koja je imala najveći kemp nastup koji sam video poslednjih nekoliko godina. Iako sam fan grupe Kremps, mislim da oni danas ne mogu da imaju tu snagu koju su imali Twinsi na mostu. 

Mislim da će se od 2000. godine ponovo ući u mirniju situaciju i da će tad da nastupi stanje uvezivanja.

Sad je totalni raspad.

Mnogi koje sam pitao, a koji su mogli odavde da odu, kažu:

"Nećemo, jer je ovde, trenutno, najzanimljivije na svetu".

Ove stvari koje pričam, nisu pitanje mog mišljenja, nego posmatranja.
Ljudi nemaju strah i hoće da budu tu gde se nešto dešava.

Ovde vidimo sumrak civilizacije.

Ono što je ključno je to da mi se čini da ne postoje dobre namere. 
I to na obe strane.
Mnogi pričaju da će se to završiti, ali ja nisam siguran.

Smatram da je ovo vreme sile.
Kulminacija toga šta znači zakon sile.

Tu je dobijen jedan grant za projekat koji treba da se izvede do kraja i zato se plašim da sve može da traje dugo, dok se stvar ne istera do kraja.
Da postoji dobra namera, danas bi ova stvar mogla da se stavi ad acta i da se sedne za pregovarački sto i da se, u pet-šest dana, razreši stvar.
Mislim da postoji, bar sa naše strane, želja da ovo stane.
Ko zna posle koliko godina ćemo saznati šta je iza svega toga bilo?
Možda to zvuči surovo, ali mislim da je ovo jedno veliko čistilište.

Sećaš li se kakva je situacija u Beogradu bila pre ovoga?

Bila je neviđena apatija. Već oko 8-9 uveče, svi ljudi su bili ubijeni u pojam. Postojala su pojedinačna zadovoljstva, ali su, u principu, svi bili nezadovoljni. Ovo je kao jedna sekira koja je upala u jednom trenutku. Na žalost, ima previše žrtava. Zemlja je razrušena.

Nadam se da je posle ovoga kraj svega. Iz ovog mora da se izađe. Kao što se ovde krug zatvorio, tako će se zatvoriti i spolja. Posle toga mora doći do opamećivanja.

Google Translation (2012)

Mislim that now is the time of an absurdity, that is, there is a slippage of meaning. Funniest act we are trying to understand what is happening, especially theorists and philosophers.
Making a big mistake, because this is a total crash, spraying in all directions.
Because, just when you think you caught the meaning, something new happens.
In these situations dosadadšnjim, yourself can not see any on the Square or on the bridge.
I am a big fan of Ceca Velickovic. I taped her concert and it was brilliant. I believe that our greatest artist, because each of her hit song.
Event on the bridge, watching phenomenological.
What I liked the group Twins, who had the most campy performances that I saw the last few years. Although I am fan of the band Kremps, I think that today they can not have that power they had Twins on the bridge.
I think that since 2000. The re-enter the calmer situation and then to perform the binding condition.
Now is a total breakdown.
Many that I asked, and who could go from here to say: "We will not, because here, at present, the most interesting in the world."
These things speak, did not question my opinions, rather than observation. People have no fear and wants to be there where something is happening.
Here we see the twilight of civilization.
What is crucial is that it seems to me that there are good intentions. And on both sides.
And when we pull some moves that could lead to a solution, then on the opposite move is pulled from the opposite side that broke this would lead to a resolution of the situation.
Many will tell you to finish, but I'm not sure.
I think this is the time of force. The culmination of what it is the law of force.
There was obtained a grant for the project to be brought to an end and that is why I am afraid that everything can not last long as the matter does not expel all the way. If there were good intentions, this thing would still be able to put ad acta, and to the negotiating table and, in five or six days, resolve the matter. I think there is, at least on our part, this desire to fit. Who knows how many years after we find out what is behind it all there? It may sound cruel, but I think this is a great purgatory.
Do you remember what the situation in Belgrade was before this?
It was a tremendous apathy. For about 8-9 pm, all people have been killed in the concept. There are individual satisfaction, but, in principle, everyone was unhappy. This is like an ax, which is an infection at some point. Unfortunately, too many victims. The country is in ruins.
I hope that after this the end of everything. From this must come out. As we close the circle here, it will be shut down and out. Then there must be opamećivanja.

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