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Credits and sources

Technical -


Most of the new code and techniques to bring my skills nearly up-to-date came from WEB Design Start Here, by Stefan Mischook. I bought it on Amazon to 50p, but the reseller price varies and is currently (5Jun17) £6.58. I'll buy a spare copy when it drops to about £2 (plus the invariable £2.80 postage). Two copies bought for 63p each on the same day in June.
It is a great book for newcomers and for those, like me, who need a skills update.
Sorting tables, see kryogenix  
Columns, see css-tricks  
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Share button code, kirby  
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Random images, Bottranger  
My main influences on Search Engine Optimisation are:
Google Analytics - Google is, when all said and done, the SE everyone is trying to O for.
HubSpot's list of (some) free analytical tools
Dr. A. Williams' SEO 2017 & Beyond, an inexpensive, practical and seemingly thorough consideration of the subject.

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