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I began my first Mondrian web site in about 2001, completed the acquisition of imagesof Mondrian paintings in 2012 and rewrote parts of the original site at the same time. In March 2017 I set out on a complete rewite as, concentrating on the abstracts, especially the geometric abstracts, but likely to spread into other areas.

As at June 2017, I am aiming to complete detail pages on all the B-series abstracts before I switch back to another project following the June 8th UK general election. ✓

Thereafter, the plan is to refine the site, the immediate objectives being:

  1. some SEO- detailed elsewhere
  2. add the copyright dates ✓ 21Jul17 for all detail pages
  3. list all the non-abstract works ✓ 13Jul17, unidentified references ✓ 21Jul17
  4. create some pages showing diamonds, double-lines, self portraits, nudes etc.✓ 15Jul17
  5. document the reconstructions ✓ 19Jul17
  6. maybe reconfigure all the non-abstract pages of the old site to live here ✓
  7. sort out the ico files - tried 21Jul17 using these two sites:, Seems to have worked.
  8. show some of the artifacts [maybe later]
  9. document the mondrian auctions [done back to June 2008 - the rest will have to wait]

Progress notes will be kept on this page.


Date Progress

Detail pages on some notable early and late naturalistic works
Some detail pages on the furniture and unidentified refs
Studios ✓ 22Jul17
Dogs, Diet, Lifestyle, Friends

Nominations for additions:

21st July 2017 Most of the above list of initial aims has been achieved. SEO covered elsewhere. Progress on the remainder will be made gradually, in competition with other projects.