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I'm not sure when my inclination towards Mondrian began. The first book I bought was Deicher's Structures in Space and later Bois et al.

An analysis of the web page creation dates might give some idea of the progression, but I spent numerous years trawling ebay for Mondrian artifacts and searching more academic sources for images of the paintings.


I completed the documentation of the paintings in 2012 and noted that it had taken 11 years. I completed my little book on the Missing Mondrians in 2011 and that has gone through several versions.

I regard The Missing Mondrians as a genuine (albeit relatively minor) contribution to PM scholarship (and also quite a fun read) and I think that a web site detailing all his paintings is a significant achievement.

That said, the original web site is rather primitive and so in March 2017 I decided to rework it.

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